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Welcome to the web site for the Beefsteak and Burgundy Club Incorporated, “The Club”.

The primary objective of Beefsteak and Burgundy Clubs is to create an environment where members share knowledge and experience great wine, food and fellowship on a regular basis.

The Club website is designed to assist our 190+ Branch Clubs and their members around Australia and overseas to keep in touch with what is happening in Beefsteak and Burgundy.

We hope Clubs will take advantage of the News Page by sending information and photos with our submission form (Click here).

We also welcome the following Clubs and their members that have chartered in the past 12 months:

Shanghai Belles (277) PR China

Hong Kong Originals (278) PR China

Darwin Divas (279) Darwin



What's New

Discount on the 60th anniversary wine dozen
60th Anniversary wine dozen can be purchased as all reds or all whites. See the News Article of 15 February.

2015 Convention. Shanghai, China
Links for accomodation and pre and post convention tours have now been added to the 2015 Convention Page.

Advice from the Shanghailanders Club is to book your accomodation early as Shanghai gets very busy in Autumn.

Group travel

Also there is the option of group travel and/or a tour within China arranged from Australia - see the 2015 Convention Page for details. Those interested are asked to register an interest by 6 March.

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